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Cosmetic Dermatology

Cosmetic Dermatology

To better serve our clients we've opened up a medical spa, The Southern Skin and Beauty Bar, that focuses on cosmetic dermatology. Conveniently located just a few minutes away in Vickery Village, our Licensed Medical Estheticians and Laser Practitioners, along with Dr. Nathan J. Cleaver, will offer an extensive menu of aesthetic services including injectables, state of the art laser treatments, coolsculpting for non-invasive fat reduction, tattoo removal, amongst many other dermatologist approved treatments. While we can still preform cosmetic dermatology services at Cleaver Medical Group, we feel that the relaxing environment we've created in our new medical spa may better serve you.

The Southern Skin and Beauty Bar is a board-certified dermatologist owned and operated redefined medical spa. It has taken the traditional components of a medical spa, and transformed them to create an efficient, modern facility, that focuses on results and the customer experience. It is your local destination for excellence in skin care. 

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