Unfortunately all medications can have deleterious side effects on the human body. That is why at Cleaver Medical Group we make every effort possible to optimize treatment of the underlying cause of pain, while minimizing the risks to our patients. Our pain management services are currently offered at our Cumming location.

Chronic pain is pain that has persisted for greater than a three month time period. This type of pain can be related to:

  • Previous injuries

  • Underlying medical conditions

  • Cancerous pain causing damage to the body.

The aim of medication management in the treatment of chronic pain is to provide symptomatic relief and to help progressively increase an individual’s daily level of functioning and activities.  Due to advances in modern medicine over the years, there are now many types of safe and effective medications that can help with just this. Medications used depend on the type of chronic pain that each patient is experiencing and can be non-narcotic and narcotic in nature. Some examples of medication classes that are non-narcotic include:

  • Non-steroidal anti-inflammatories

  • Anti-depressants

  • Acetaminophens

  • Muscle relaxants

  • Anti-convulsants