Aesthetic Treatments for the Summer

Aesthetic Treatments for the Summer

One of the most commonly asked questions I receive is what is the best esthetic treatment for summer.  While certain patient preferences and precautions can help guide this answer, there are two treaments, besides cosmetic injectables (Botox® and fillers), that are my preferred summer maintenance treatments for most skin types.  Our traditional laser systems include the IPL laser (intense pulsed light), vascular pulsed dye laser, CO2 fractionated laser and a picosecond tattoo and pigment laser.  These treatments selectively target one of three common components in the skin: hemoglobin (contents of a red blood cell), melanin (pigment that is produced by a melanocyte), and water.  During the peak of summer, most of our clients will spend enough time outside that they will naturally be slightly darker than their normal skin tone.  By having an artificially darker background skin tone, this obscures the target of the laser.  For this reason, I prefer to avoid the above laser treatments during the peak of summer, and instead, scheduling them for late fall.  Having these treatment performed in mid-summer can cause an adverse reaction for hyperpigmentation (darkening of the skin)


  1. Hydrafacial

- This unique device creates a customized facial experience based on the client’s skin type.  This facial has a proprietary facial tip that allows concurrent extraction of pores with infusion of a customized peel.  This peel can be customized to target acne and rosacea prone skin types, background of hyperpigmentation, anti-aging effects, and for hydration effects.  This leaves the skin with a rejuvenated texture and tone, and has no down-time without any risk for post-inflammatory pigmentation.


  1. Radiofrequency (Sublative and Microneedling)

- Radiofrequency when applied to the skin provides heat and controlled thermal injury at certain depths within the skin.  Depending on what depth in the skin and what your overall goal for improvement is, will depend on which modality to incorporate.  The microneedling device allows targeted heating of the deeper dermis (the layer of skin below the epidermis), to allow for remodeling of collagen to create a tightening and toning effect of the skin.  The subative tip provides more superficial heat application, which can also address textural inconsistencies within the skin while also allowing for a mid-dermal toning effect of the skin.  The down time for these treatments are minimal, with 2-3 days of aggressive sun protection with sunscreen and barrier precautions, without the increased risk of hyperpigmentation.  These treatments achieve best results with a series of treatments separated at 4 to 6 week intervals.


As always, it is best to create a customized plan with your board certified dermatologist and an experienced esthetician to achieve the optimal results for your skin concerns.  Lastly, make sure you lather that sunscreen on early and reapply often!  Sunscreen will not only keep your skin youthful, but will also help keep away ultraviolet damage that can lead to skin cancers.