Supraorbital Nerve

The supraorbital nerve runs through the bones of the face at the eyebrow, provide sensation to the temple and the acme of the head. The nerve exits the head just higher than the eyes. Supraorbital Nerve Injections obstruct for Migraine and Headache. In sustain of patients who occurrence severe headache pain that is contained in the forehead, at or above the eyebrow, and for whom other therapies, together with drugs, have not worked, a supraorbital nerve (SON) block may give reprieve. The headache specialists at the Diamond Headache Clinic have years of knowledge in performing this process. To become skilled at if a supraorbital nerve block might be suggested as component of your individualized headache treatment plan, talk to your general practitioner. Although all doctors who execute this practice use a limited anesthetic, some mix the anesthetic with a corticosteroid. The anesthetic numbs the skin and it also reduces the nerve impulses passing along pain nerves. Corticosteroids are tough anti-inflammatories that may possibly facilitate to put a stop to headache pain for a longer interlude of time.